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Here are all the rules of the forum. They're not difficult, and there's not much, but they must be followed.

Roleplay Rules

Never take control of someone elses character.

That includes:

-Hurting/ killing other characters. You need their aproval first. Give them a chance.
-Talking for them.
-Saying what their emotions are.


If your character is perfect, or seems to be perfect, I will have to ask you to edit him/ her, Without question!

This is called Godmoding, and it ruins the website. For Example:

Liz is thrown back by the explosion in front of her. Slamming into a rocky ledge behind her, she stares at the scarred land. Everyone else lay dead, but not a scratch could be seen on her magnificent skin.

Let's rewind. Liz was in an explosion, which should have killed her, as everyone else was dead, she slammed into a rocky wall, I mean come on! She should have at least had a concussion, and last but not least, there was not a single scratch on her 'magnificent' skin. The reader then gets bored by the fact that there hasn't been enough detail.

A better version would be:

Liz stares at the bomb as it explodes, and crashes backwards into a rocky wall. Her ears pound, her head throbs, and the blood flows down the sides of her face, and drips onto the ground. Liz falls forwards, and lays unconsious on the ground.

First of all, she's not perfect. Liz got hurt, and fell down unconsious. At this point, you want to see if she will survive, or what will happen to her if she doesn't.

Second of all, this gives the writer more chances to include discriptive and interesting detail.


Please NEVER use emoticons in the IC part of your posts.
It's distracting, and doesn't really help the reader feel compassion, sadness, happiness, etc. for/ with your character. You don't find books written that way either, and with good reason too.

General Rules

The following are not allowed on kiobeta:
-Material above PG-13 (except for violence and/or gore. Mentions of nudity should be kept to a minimum and without detail)

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